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June 21 2017

Travel Ban on Children

The same day that Mohamed bin Salman (MbS) takes power in Saudi Arabia, Omar and Sarah find they have been banned from leaving the country.

September 9 2017

Sarah and Omar’s Father, Receives Threatening Messages

Sarah and Omar’s Father, Dr. Saad Aljabri, receives threatening messages from MbS through WhatsApp. 

October 15 2018

Attempted Assasination

Days after the brutal assassination of Jamal Khashoggi, a hit squad attempts to enter Canada to target Dr. Saad, but is stopped by border security

March 16 2020

Kidnapping of Omar and Sarah

At dawn, armed Saudi forces raid the family home and kidnap Sarah and Omar.

August 6 2020

Lawsuit against Saudi Authorities under the Torture Victims Prevention Act.

With no news about his children, Dr. Saad files a lawsuit against Saudi Authorities under the Torture Victims Prevention Act over his attempted assassination.

September 10 2020

Sarah and Omar are Secretly Charged and Tried

Sarah and Omar are secretly charged and tried with money laundering and conspiracy to unlawfully escape the kingdom. They are not permitted legal counsel.

November 3 2020

Sarah and Omar Face A Secret Hearing

Sarah and Omar face a secret hearing. Omar receives nine years imprisonment and six on travel ban and; Sarah receives six years imprisonment and nine9 on travel ban.   

November 29 2020

The Siblings Appeal

The siblings appeal their sentence in a Riyadh court.

January 1 2021

Sarah and Omar’s Appeal Disappears

Sarah and Omar’s appeal disappeared from the court docket. The investigation previously assigned to their case was reassigned and their lawyer was blocked from the case file and refused access to Sarah and Omar.

January 1 2021

Sarah and Omar’s Lawyer on Travel Ban

Sarah and Omar’s lawyer is placed on a travel ban, and his accounts are frozen. Sarah and Omar are moved from a secret detention site to two separate prisons, Alhayer and Almalaz.