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Join our call for Omar and Sarah Aljabri to be freed. Innocent of wrongdoing, they are held hostage by Saudi authorities in an effort to blackmail their father.
What happened to Omar and Sarah?
On June 21st, 2017, Omar and Sarah were en route to Boston for school when they were barred from travel.

Omar had just made it past customs when Sarah was held back. Refusing to depart without his sister, Omar returned to find out that he too was barred from travel.

Three years later in March 2020, 50 armed Saudi authorities raided the family home in Riyadh at dawn and kidnapped both Omar and Sarah. Their own family were unaware of their whereabouts for months.

Over a year later, Omar and Sarah are still being held hostage by Saudi Authorities, in an attempt to pressure and blackmail their father in returning to Saudi Arabia.

No one knows where exactly they are, and no young adults should ever experience what Omar and Sarah have.

By signing this petition, we can help in providing awareness about their stark reality and call on the Saudi government for their unconditional release.