Since Omar & Sarah Were Kidnapped

U.S. students Omar & Sarah are being held hostage as a threat to their father. They need your help.
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Sarah Aljabri is an Architecture Engineering student and is known to be a soft-spoken, eloquent, and ambitious soul who uplifts those around her. Her hopes and dream of becoming a successful architect were brought to an abrupt halt since her disappearance; which only came days after her 20th birthday. Sarah was accepted in British International School of Boston, where she was expected to attend in 2017 . Sarah was only 17 when she was put on travel ban in 2017, immediately after MBS took power, making her #MBSFirstVictim.
Omar is a bright and optimistic 21 year old student at the Prince Sultan University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He is outgoing, adventurous and constantly participating in organizing social events at his university. With only a year left to complete his computer science degree, Omar’s disappearance has put a halt to his bright future. Omar was accepted in Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston, Massachusetts, where he was expected to attend in 2017. Omar was put on travel ban in 2017, immediately after MBS took power, making him #MBSFirstVictim.

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Jun 21

Travel Ban on Children

Travel Ban on Children

On June 21, 2017, MBS’s first day as Crown Prince two of Dr. Aljabri’s children, Sarah and Omar were trying to board a plane from Saudi Arabia to Boston. Omar made it past border security, but Sarah was held back and informed that she was not permitted to leave the country due to a travel ban that was just imposed. Refusing to depart without his sister, Omar returned to be with her and was later informed that he too was immediately put on travel ban.


The travel ban was placed on Sarah and Omar in an attempt to pressure their father, Dr. Saad Aljabri, to return to Saudi Arabia.

Sep 10

Sarah and Omar’s Father, Dr. Saad Aljabri, Pleaded To MBS To Release His Children

On September 9th, 2017, the Crown Prince sent Dr. Aljabri threatening messages through WhatsApp


MBS: “Doctor, I want you to come back tomorrow” (6:10 PM)
MBS: “Tell me what you want to say in person”. (11:29 PM)
MBS: “Dr. The issue is very sensitive, and I definitely need you here to resolve it.?” (11:36pm)
MBS: “24 hours!” (11:36pm)


MBS threatened Aljabri with two options: either return to the Kingdom where you will be placed under house arrest or become the target of a worldwide manhunt.


Other messages from the defendant read:


“There is no state in the world that would refuse to turn you over.”


“You have one hour to decide.”

Oct 15

Attempted Assasination

Attempted Assasination

2 weeks after Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated and dismembered in the Saudi consulate in Turkey by the ‘Tiger Squad”. Another tiger squad assembled with a similar composition to the team that assassinated Jamal, made its way to Canada where they were ordered to find and kill Sarah and Omar’s father, Dr. Saad al Jabri. More members of the team tried entering Canada through tourist visas. They tried entering through different kiosks and were flagged separately by CBSA.


The Tiger Squad also had two bags full of forensic tools. At that point the Tiger Squad was not allowed entry into Canada.

Mar 16

Kidnapping of Omar and Sarah

Kidnapping of Omar and Sarah

On March 16, 2020 at dawn, armed Saudi authorities raided the family home and kidnapped both Sarah and Omar. Family was not able to confirm their whereabouts for months.

May 01

Death Warrant Issued Against Dr. Saad Aljabri

Around May 2020, MBS held a meeting with his close advisors where he obtained a religious decree ‘fatwa’ against Dr. Saad Aljabri.


In this context, a fatwa is considered a death warrant endorsed by religious authorities. In that same meeting, MBS and his agents were overheard discussing their intent to once again send men to Toronto, Canada, this time going by land and dispatching agents from the US to Canada.